Dream Team Supergroup Playlist

  • Track Count 12
  • Total Length 1:27:24
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  1. 1 Got To Get Better In A Little While Derek and the Dominos 14:21
  2. 2 Chest Fever The Band 05:12
  3. 3 Starship Trooper Yes 10:32
  4. 4 Have A Cigar Pink Floyd 06:46
  5. 5 Space Circus Return to Forever 08:26
  6. 6 Metal Gods Judas Priest 04:09
  7. 7 Are You Ready For The Country? Neil Young 04:44
  8. 8 La Villa Strangiato Rush 09:10
  9. 9 China Cat Sunflower Grateful Dead 05:33
  10. 10 In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed The Allman Brothers Band 08:17
  11. 11 Saturday Night Special Lynyrd Skynyrd 05:25
  12. 12 Means To An End Traffic 04:49
Playlist Description

We've taken your suggestions and brought together examples of some of the best individual musicians in history to see if we could get close to creating the experience of hearing these titans share a stage. In the process, we discovered that many of the bands that lay claim to these players could easily be labeled as supergroups themselves. While it isn't quite the same as assembling a real supergroup, this unique and frankly pretty strange playlist demonstrates not only the amazing depth of material in our archive, but also how much these great performers have in common.