The Very Best of Billy Cobham

  • Track Count 10
  • Total Length 2:01:32
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  1. 1 Drum Solo Billy Cobham 03:26
  2. 2 Open Country Joy Mahavishnu Orchestra 09:04
  3. 3 'Anteres'-The Star Billy Cobham 09:54
  4. 4 Supplication Jam / Easy To Slip Bobby and The Midnites 11:32
  5. 5 The Life Divine Santana and McLaughlin 10:30
  6. 6 On A Magic Carpet Ride Billy Cobham 10:04
  7. 7 Dance of Maya Mahavishnu Orchestra 19:24
  8. 8 Miles Beyond Mahavishnu Orchestra 15:07
  9. 9 Drum Solo Bobby and The Midnites 07:19
  10. 10 La Guernica Billy Cobham 25:12
Playlist Description

Billy Cobham set the gold standard for modern fusion drumming. After briefly driving the rhythms for Miles Davis' quintet, Cobham co-founded the original line-up of Mahavishnu Orchestra with John McLaughlin and took the still nascent combination of jazz, funk and rock into the stratosphere. This incarnation of Mahavishnu burned brightly but quickly, though, and soon the Panamanian-born drummer embarked on an impressive session, solo and instructional career which continues to this day. Included in this playlist are some staggering examples of Billy Cobham's technique and dexterity from one of his more fertile periods of activity. Get ready to be amazed.