The Sound: Winterland (9/30/66)

  • Track Count 30
  • Total Length 2:33:25
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  1. 1 The Other Side Of This Life Jefferson Airplane 08:49
  2. 2 Tobacco Road Jefferson Airplane 04:35
  3. 3 Kansas City Jefferson Airplane 08:10
  4. 4 Run Around Jefferson Airplane 04:19
  5. 5 It's No Secret Jefferson Airplane 03:52
  6. 6 Chicken Shack Muddy Waters 06:27
  7. 7 Watermelon Man Muddy Waters 05:50
  8. 8 Rock Me Muddy Waters 07:34
  9. 9 She's Nineteen Years Old Muddy Waters 05:59
  10. 10 Dropping Out The Paul Butterfield Blues Band 02:20
  11. 11 Mother-In-Law Blues The Paul Butterfield Blues Band 04:44
  12. 12 (Our Love Is) Drifting The Paul Butterfield Blues Band 04:50
  13. 13 Born In Chicago The Paul Butterfield Blues Band 04:55
  14. 14 Willow Tree The Paul Butterfield Blues Band 07:12
  15. 15 My Babe The Paul Butterfield Blues Band 04:42
  16. 16 Kansas City The Paul Butterfield Blues Band 04:02
  17. 17 Work Song The Paul Butterfield Blues Band 13:35
  18. 18 Go To Her Jefferson Airplane 05:23
  19. 19 Runnin' Round This World Jefferson Airplane 02:57
  20. 20 Don't Slip Away Jefferson Airplane 03:01
  21. 21 Come Up The Years Jefferson Airplane 03:01
  22. 22 Bringing Me Down Jefferson Airplane 03:13
  23. 23 High Flyin' Bird Jefferson Airplane 03:49
  24. 24 Fat Angel Jefferson Airplane 05:59
  25. 25 Chauffeur Blues Jefferson Airplane 03:26
  26. 26 3/5ths Of A Mile In 10 Seconds Jefferson Airplane 06:10
  27. 27 Clouds In My Heart The Paul Butterfield Blues Band 09:25
  28. 28 Got My Mojo Working The Paul Butterfield Blues Band 03:29
  29. 29 Outro The Paul Butterfield Blues Band 00:48
  30. 30 Bill Graham The Paul Butterfield Blues Band 00:49
Playlist Description

Forty-five years ago, Bill Graham hosted his first concerts at Winterland with two weekend runs featuring Jefferson Airplane, Muddy Waters and the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. On the posters and handbills advertising the events, the concerts were called "The Sound: A Dance Party;" indeed, the lineup perfectly encapsulated the embryonic and psychedelic "San Francisco sound" and the improvisational electric blues that helped fertilize it. With this playlist you can once again experience that special moment in rock history. Here, we present the surviving recordings from one of those evenings - 9/30/66, the Friday that began the second weekend run - in their original running order. Jefferson Airplane opened the evening with an early set, then the Muddy Waters and Paul Butterfield Blues Bands turned in sets, and the Airplane returned for a second set to close out the night. Also included here are songs recorded on that Sunday, October 2nd, where Muddy Waters and Luther Johnson sat in with Butterfield. Here are a few specific notes about each individual set - you can click on the links in the Related Concerts box below to read more. Jefferson Airplane, Set 1 Marty Balin dominates the vocals during this early period, but Kantner and Signe Anderson, create a vocal blend that's as unique as it is captivating. The band was beginning to diversify their sound, inspiring Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady to take on more dominant leadership roles in shaping the group's live sound; even at this early stage, the seeds of Hot Tuna are being sown. Muddy Waters Blues Band These four songs that survive on tape from Muddy Waters' set feature what many consider to be the finest backing band he would ever assemble, including George Smith on harmonica and Luther Johnson on guitar. The band was in fine form during these runs and obviously feeding off the hospitality of the San Francisco audience. It's remarkable to hear an entire generation welcome this blues legend into to their collective ear. Paul Butterfield B