DT - Best of April - June '09

  • Track Count 11
  • Total Length 50:09
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  1. 1 Heat Death of the Universe Corto Maltese 03:17
  2. 2 Stepper aka Work Skeletons 05:02
  3. 3 Only Pieces Here We Go Magic 05:54
  4. 4 Fools Diane Birch 04:00
  5. 5 When They Fight They Fight Generationals 03:19
  6. 6 Witness / Black Berry Brandy T Bird and the Breaks 08:27
  7. 7 When My Time Comes Dawes 05:02
  8. 8 Inner City Blues Rodriguez 03:08
  9. 9 I Am Fine Illinois 04:25
  10. 10 Airplanes Local Natives 03:48
  11. 11 When I Light Your Darkened Door J. Tillman 03:47
Playlist Description

I sometimes find myself losing track of where I was yesterday, what I did last week or earlier in the afternoon. And I'm not that old. But even scarier sometimes is getting caught up in all of the breakneck moving and shaking that we've all -- for better or for worse -- turned our lives into thanks to the Internet's instant gratification, smart phones and text messages round the clock. The last minute was so last year. And though Daytrotter posts just one session a day, instead of an endless roll of content updates, it alone makes me get all boggled sometimes. In compiling this list of my favorite songs from some of the most recent sessions, I thought that I was pulling from a good three or four months back, but hardly so. This was mostly all in the last month. It makes my head hurt, but at least the songs are golden. -- Sean Moeller