Marijuana Music

  • Track Count 17
  • Total Length 1:27:18
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  1. 1 KSAN Introduction Hot Tuna 00:37
  2. 2 Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 Bob Dylan & The Band 03:22
  3. 3 Smokin' Reefers And Sniffin' Cocaine Elvin Bishop Group 07:41
  4. 4 Shanty Jonathan Edwards 05:03
  5. 5 Eight Miles High The Byrds 07:27
  6. 6 Legalize It Peter Tosh 11:44
  7. 7 Panama Red The New Riders of the Purple Sage 03:31
  8. 8 Willin' Little Feat 04:48
  9. 9 Roll Another Number (For the Road) Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 04:34
  10. 10 The Fat City High School Fight Song Fat City 03:27
  11. 11 Illegal Smile John Prine 03:23
  12. 12 Mexico Jefferson Airplane 03:03
  13. 13 Down To Seeds And Stems Again Blues Commander Cody 05:18
  14. 14 Too Rolling Stoned Robin Trower 03:10
  15. 15 Sweet Leaf Black Sabbath 09:05
  16. 16 Mellow Pot Blues Devil's Kitchen 05:52
  17. 17 I Got Stoned And I Missed It Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show 05:13
Playlist Description

When The Byrds released "Eight Miles High" in 1966 it was quickly banned from the radio. Though the group at first denied the allegations that the track supported recreational drug use, by the 80's things had cooled down and the band could admit, "Of course it was a drug song! We were stoned when we wrote it." If this playlist included all the songs written while high, or the ones that sound best when the listener is stoned, it would probably contain 80% of all the music in the Vault. But this much shorter list are all about our friend Mary Jane, regardless of the state of mind the writer or listener is in. Some of these tracks glorify a particular strain, the buzz, or the smugglers, but they're not all pro-pot anthems. Songs like "Mellow Pot Blues," "Too Rolling Stoned," "I Got Stoned and Missed It" and "Smokin' Reefer and Sniffin' Cocaine" all present the negative side of the stoner lifestyle (as does "Down to Seeds and Stems Again," though in a different way). And, of course, the introduction from the California Marijuana Initiative benefit concert and Peter Tosh's "Legalize It" have specific intentions as well. Anyway, burn one down, get comfortable, and float downstream...this is the dank shit. Oh, and I'd like to give a special shout-out to Tokin' A Large One, a listener whose comments always make me smile. Thanks for that.