Grateful Dead: Extendead Family

  • Track Count 13
  • Total Length 1:32:34
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  1. 1 Whipping Post The Allman Brothers Band 11:57
  2. 2 Hypnotize Kingfish 05:36
  3. 3 Sweet Little Angel Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders 08:48
  4. 4 Up From The Deep The Tubes 08:23
  5. 5 Instrumental Intro / Jacob's Ladder Bruce Hornsby and the Range 05:36
  6. 6 Heaven Help The Fool Bobby and The Midnites 07:05
  7. 7 Edward The Mad Shirt Grinder Pt 2 Jerry Garcia Band 06:52
  8. 8 Bad Moon Rising John Fogerty & Grateful Dead 02:34
  9. 9 Louisiana Lady The New Riders of the Purple Sage 05:40
  10. 10 Spike Driver Blues Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band 04:59
  11. 11 Sweet Baby Keith and Donna 08:03
  12. 12 Better Off Dead The Rowan Brothers 03:33
  13. 13 Loyin Loyin Babatunde Olatunji 13:28
Playlist Description

On an interview on this site, Jerry Garcia claims his reason for playing with the Jerry Garcia Band wasn't so much to make his own personal music as it was for him to express what he likes about music as a whole, giving him a chance to play music he's a fan of. It's a healthy outlet to be sure and, along with the other members' side projects, probably one of the main reasons for the Grateful Dead's longevity. This playlist features one-time members of the Grateful Dead playing with various friends, either in full-fledged side projects, as guests sitting in for a jam, or in their other careers before they became members of the Dead. While the genres and recording quality contained here vary greatly, there is an underlying sense of looseness and fun in all of these songs, showing that those that were chosen for playing in the band did have something in common...intangible as it may have been.