Bottom Line Solo Performances

  • Track Count 14
  • Total Length 1:06:43
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  1. 1 Fire & Rain Richie Havens 05:59
  2. 2 Child In A Universe Laura Nyro 03:41
  3. 3 Motel Blues Loudon Wainwright III 03:51
  4. 4 The Dutchman Steve Goodman 05:18
  5. 5 American Pie Don McLean 08:38
  6. 6 Steppin' Out Joan Armatrading 03:20
  7. 7 April Seventh Larry Coryell 09:13
  8. 8 American Dreamer Laura Nyro 03:40
  9. 9 Nobody Left To Crown Richie Havens 04:49
  10. 10 So Faint Andy Pratt 03:34
  11. 11 Lose Again Karla Bonoff 03:46
  12. 12 Coming And Going Larry Coryell 04:18
  13. 13 Mack The Knife Burton Cummings 02:47
  14. 14 Me And My Teddy Bear Peter Gabriel 03:49
Playlist Description

Spontaneity and risk are integral parts of live performances, which is why, when our favorite acts are in town, we don't stay at home and listen to the album. And while a band member can find some safety in numbers, those brave souls who perform without accompaniment are responsible for whatever could go wrong. On the other hand, stripping down a set to a guitar and a microphone ensures that your drummer won't pass out on stage and, perhaps even more importantly, presents a situation where the artist's interpretation of a song becomes the audience's sole focus. The Bottom Line Club was especially well-suited to help an audience experience these bare-boned tunes. On West 4th Street between Broadway and Washington Square Park in Manhattan, it was located in the heart of Greenwhich Village, a mecca for musicians and fans alike for years. Seating 400 people, it was a wonderful place to see a favorite act up close and personal, and chances are that your favorite performers did play there. The small size of the club was great news for the King Biscuit Flower Hour, who aired many of the shows recorded there, capitalizing on the ability to capture a great sound. This is especially relevant for the songs contained here, where vast emotional content is contained in subtle musical nuances. With a few exceptions of minimal accompaniment, these songs present the artists stripped down to the brass tacks and, professionals that they are, they usually nail it. So get yourself an appetizer, a beer, a great seat, and enjoy!