CBGB Bands

  • Track Count 24
  • Total Length 1:51:28
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  1. 1 Psycho Killer Talking Heads 05:18
  2. 2 Space Monkey Patti Smith 05:17
  3. 3 Blitzkreg Bop / Teenage Lobotomy The Ramones 04:17
  4. 4 Fun Time Blondie 03:10
  5. 5 Weekend Dictators 04:42
  6. 6 Gunslinger Mink DeVille 03:42
  7. 7 Rockaway Beach The Ramones 02:03
  8. 8 Young, Fast, Scientific / Rock & Roll Made A Man Out Of Me Dictators 03:33
  9. 9 Don't Worry About The Government Talking Heads 03:08
  10. 10 Cadillac Walk Mink DeVille 04:58
  11. 11 Dancing Barefoot Patti Smith 05:52
  12. 12 In The Sun Blondie 02:45
  13. 13 She's So Tough Mink DeVille 03:06
  14. 14 She's The One / I'm Against It The Ramones 04:12
  15. 15 Sunday Girl Blondie 03:42
  16. 16 Frederick Patti Smith 07:03
  17. 17 Master Race Rock Dictators 04:45
  18. 18 Uh Oh, Love Comes To Town Talking Heads 03:02
  19. 19 11:59 Blondie 03:37
  20. 20 Venus Of Avenue D Mink DeVille 07:21
  21. 21 Steppin' Out Dictators 06:07
  22. 22 Sheena Is A Punk Rocker / Havana Affair / Commando The Ramones 05:49
  23. 23 Life During Wartime Talking Heads 04:42
  24. 24 My Generation Patti Smith 09:17
Playlist Description

CBGB stands for "Country Bluegrass Blues," a name that described the type of music founder Hilly Kristal envisioned at his club when he opened it in 1973. But it was the OMFUG part of the venue's name - "Other Music for Uplifting Gormandizers" - that brought the gritty hole-in-the-wall on the Bowery into the annals of music history, as it became the American home of punk and new wave in the mid 1970s, nurturing bands that would re-invigorate rock and roll. This playlist contains songs by six of the most famous bands who cut their teeth at CBGB: the Patti Smith and Talking Heads tracks were recorded at the club itself,* while the songs from The Ramones, Mink DeVille, Blondie and Dictators were recorded elsewhere. We mean no disrespect to other CBGB legends like Television (though Tom Verlaine does get a shout-out from Patti Smith as a co-writer of "Space Monkey"), Misfits, The Cramps, The Voidoids, Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers, and others, but we currently have no recordings of those groups available in the Concert Vault. What's here though is a testament to the sweaty, aggressive, retro rock stylings of the punk scene headquartered at that grimy old club - an ordinary place that did us all the favor of hosting some extraordinary evenings. *Three of the four Talking Heads tracks were recorded at CBGB before their debut album was released. "Life During Wartime" was recorded in 1980 and is included here because of the line, "This ain't no Mudd Club or CBGB, I ain't got time for that now."