Prior to her career as the self-made "Jewish-American lesbian folk-singer," Susan Gottleib a.k.a. Phranc enjoyed a series of elite band memberships in Los Angeles hardcore groups like Nervous Gender and Catholic Discipline. 1980 saw Phranc return to her acoustic roots and playing comical and autobiographical songs while performing for similar hardcore audiences from her earlier band days. Her acoustic sets led to the formation of a gay coffee-house/folk circuit, and her '85 Folksinger album set the standard with titles such as "Female Mudwrestling," "Amazons" and "One O' The Girls." Phranc's ability to tackle such subjects as her sexuality, left-wing politics and her own family issues have made her a cult favorite in the lesbian folk scene and outweigh any commercial success she may or may not achieve. Her third album was highlighted by her role as supporting act on Morrissey's first full British tour of '91, and she released Milkman in '98. Phranc chooses her moments and isn't a prolific artist, but when she does what she does, it's always touching, to the point and excellent.

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