Peter Tosh

One of reggae's preeminent figures, Peter Tosh had a vibrant musical career, from his days as one of Bob Marley's Wailers to collaborating with the Rolling Stones in the late 70's. Tosh became involved with music when at 15, he moved to Kingston from his rural Jamaican village, ending up at Joe Higgs' tenement yard with other aspiring musicians, who banded together and formed the Wailers. Throughout his time as a Wailer, Tosh maintained a solo career and ended up leaving the band when tensions with Bob Marley came to a head. He then focused his energies on a solo career, which brought him to Columbia Records, where he composed a string of well-received reggae albums. Peter Tosh's life and career was underscored by political outspokenness, and on September 11, 1987 he was murdered in his home. While the homicide was attributed to burglars, there has been speculation that it was, in fact, politically motivated.

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