Peter Gabriel

Visionary musician Peter Gabriel has had a lengthy career of melding different types of music together and performing extensively theatrical live shows. By taking progressive rock, adding electronic elements, and mixing in various world music influences, Gabriel has constructed new musical fusions that have impressed listeners for decades. As the frontman of Genesis, he led the band to great popularity, and had similar success after breaking off to pursue his own solo career. His Grammy award winning musical compositions, intensely creative live shows and videos, and humanitarian efforts make Peter Gabriel a unique and fascinating artist.

Gabriel's first three solo releases were self-titled and achieved moderate success. His fourth album was released in 1982 and dubbed Security. It was the first album had mainstream success, propelled by the single "Shock the Monkey" with its controversial video. 1986's So was a multi-platinum selling international success that propelled Gabriel to the next level of stardom. Gabriel released a variety of subsequent albums, while composing music for soundtracks and producing other bands when not touring.

Peter Gabriel's live shows have always been a sight to behold. Each song is performed multi-dimensionally with extravagant costumes, storytelling that flows in between song performances, and elaborate props brought in to further enhance the whole experience of seeing Gabriel in concert. Gabriel also established the successful WOMAD (World of Music, Arts, and Dance) festival to bring music from other world cultures to America.

In addition to musical ventures, Peter Gabriel also founded WITNESS, a program that encouraged people to film human rights abuses from around the world to bring more attention to these issues. He won the Man of Peace award from the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates for this effort. Gabriel's projects and music have always been innovative and captivating, and the world eagerly anticipates his next endeavor.

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