Ozzy Osbourne

John Michael Osbourne's odyssey from heavy metal psychopath to bizarre, nighttime television father-figure has taken almost 40 years. A dramatic showman with a modest voice and a great ear, British-born Osbourne is a superstar who's been feared by parents and loved by their adolescent children since he formed Black Sabbath in the late 1960's. Out on his own since 1978, first as Blizzard of Oz, Ozzmosis in 1995, and more recently on the Ozzfest tour, Osbourne's music has been characterized as dark, gloomy, loud and heavy and his lyrics praised, or reviled, as drug odes, suicide treatises and occult messages. When Osbourne bit off the head of a live bat at an early 80's concert performance, his reputation among admirers and detractors was assured. Osbourne's albums, from "Blizzard of Oz" in 1981, "Bark at the Moon" in 1984, and "Just Say Ozzy" in 1990 to "The Ozzman Cometh" in 1997 and "Down to Earth" in 2001, have been incredible commercial successes and spawned numerous top-hit singles.

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