Omar & the Howlers

Omar & the Howlers have always had the distinct ability of sounding like several familiar musical acts while maintaining a fresh vibe all their own. Depending on the song, Omar can sound like John Fogerty, Brian Johnson of AC/DC, or even radio legend, Wolfman Jack. As a guitarist, he is firmly in the Stevie Ray and Jimmy Vaughn camp. All this makes for some exciting music.

Dykes grew up in rural Mississippi and cut his teeth at blues clubs on the city outskirts. It was that background that gave him the credibility to adapt a musical groove and vocal styling not unlike that of the great Hound Dog Taylor. In the early-1980s, he relocated to Austin, Texas, where he found the blues scene kicking into high gear. Omar Dykes performs today as both a solo act and with a new version of the Howlers. He continues to record and release albums from his home-base in Austin.

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