Norah Jones

This young, beautiful, multi-talented songstress might best be described with a series of 'not-quites' that ultimately reveal the totality of her gift and appeal. Not quite jazz singer, not quite coffee-house balladeer, not quite country, not quite torch singer, Jones is the incredible musical combination of all of these qualities linked gracefully by her considerable piano skills and smooth performing style. The Texas-raised daughter of Ravi Shankar, Jones took a breather from her jazz piano studies at U. North Texas in 1999 that soon had her performing live with Charlie Hunter and releasing her first album, Come Away With Me, in 2002. It was a stunning success, and Jones released her equally stunning follow-up, Feels Like Home, with The Handsome Band in 2004. Jones's career has only just begun, and her fans are already mesmerized and hungry for more.

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