Several bands have performed over the years using the name Nimbus. During the mid-1970s in Northern California, Nimbus was unsigned but fairly popular in the Bay Area, offering a mix of hard rock and Southern boogie that borrowed heavily from the Allman Brothers Band. The group appeared at Winterland a number of times in 1975 and 1976, and had a great supporter in Graham, who gave them wide exposure as an opener for national acts.

The group had some fairly strong material ("Make Me Happy," "You're My Friend," "Get On Up,") and showed enormous talent with its musicianship, especially guitarist Pat Little and keyboardist Vince Nash. Still, despite their ability to deliver some slamming guitar licks and drum fills, the band was too derivative of other, already established acts.

Not much is known about this group, but by 1977, they had split up. Of the all the members, keyboardist Vince Nash has remained the most active, working now in a popular Salsa-jazz group called the Q Band.

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