Chuck Berry

Sample this concert
  1. 1welcome/ stage banter02:04
  2. 2Maybellene02:21
  3. 3Around & Around03:33
  4. 4Cadillac, No Money Down02:38
  5. 5Stage Banter01:04
  6. 6Sweet Little Sixteen02:55
  7. 7Roll Over Beethoven02:58
  8. 8Ambience02:53
  9. 9Interlude Jam #101:01
  10. 10Robert Cray Introduction00:34
  11. 11Brown Eyed Handsome Man02:06
  12. 12Banter/Ambiance00:40
  13. 13Nadine02:39
  14. 14Banter00:49
  15. 15Too Much Monkey Business02:49
  16. 16Julian Lennon introduction00:28
  17. 17Johnny B. Goode02:57
  18. 18Stage Banter01:10
  19. 19Interlude Jam #202:55
  20. 20Almost Grown02:46
  21. 21Ambience00:42
  22. 22Little Queen02:27
  23. 23Eric Clapton Introduction01:51
  24. 24Wee Wee Hours05:04
  25. 25Ambience00:25
  26. 26Interlude Jam #302:50
  27. 27Interlude Jam #402:19
  28. 28Ambience00:25
  29. 29Havana Moon03:49
  30. 30Jo Jo Gunne03:36
  31. 31Everyday I Have The Blues03:00
  32. 32Etta James Introduction00:37
  33. 33Rock And Roll Music03:47
  34. 34Ambience01:35
  35. 35Hoochie Coochie Man04:47
  36. 36Stage Banter00:42
  37. 37Outro Jam02:24
Liner Notes

Chuck Berry - vocals, guitar; Keith Richards - guitar; Johnnie Johnson - piano; Chuck Leavell - keyboards; Bobby Keys - saxophone; Joey Spampinato- bass; Steve Jordan - drums; Ingrid Berry - vocals

This is quite interesting as it seems to not only be one of the gigs complete, containing nearly twice the material that ended up being released, but this is how it really happened - free of studio overdubs. There's a deluxe 4DVD box set out that documents this event and even that only includes half of this material, all of it significantly altered. One of the DVDs is a documentary on how difficult it was to pull this taping off. It conveys that Berry dissappeared the previous day to accept a last minute gig offer in Ohio. Apparently he blew out his voice at that gig and then showed up for these shows with vocal issues. They ended up replacing his live vocals with studio overdubs for the released versions. This recording is a straight board recording that captures the real deal. While he isn't in great vocal form, the performances are still quite good thanks to such a terrific band. The fact that this contains so much material chopped out of the official releases more than make up for any vocal shortcomings.