Mimi Farina

Mimi Farina, the younger sister of folk guru Joan Baez, was pursuing a solo career when she met her husband, Richard Farina, in the early '60s. Starting in 1964, the couple began performing together and completed two albums, Celebrations For A Grey Day and Reflections In A Crystal Wind. Unfortunately, their musical partnership was cut short when Richard was killed in a motorcycle accident in April, 1966. After the tragedy, Mimi helped compile two dedication pieces; Memories and Long Time Coming And A Long Time Gone, a collection of Richard's lyrics, poetry and short stories. Unsure of her direction, Mimi joined the Committee, a satirical theater group, where she was an improvisational actor. Farina eventually returned to singing and her solo career and later founded Bread And Roses, an organization that brings live music into convalescent homes, psychiatric wards and drug rehabilitation centers.

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