Martin Mull

For nearly 40 years, accomplished painter, musician, comedian and actor, Martin Mull has entertained and delighted audiences with his quirky performances. His musical career in the 1970s is now overshadowed by his acting work, but pushing comedic boundaries has been at the heart of his performance work from the beginning.

Following his early to mid-1970s musical comedy work, Mull developed broader recognition in his roles as Barth and Garth Gimble on the groundbreaking absurdist soap opera, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, which led to the spin-off talk show parodies, Fernwood Tonight and America 2-Night. Since then, his roles have been numerous and increasingly popular, including playing memorable characters on Roseanne and Ellen, two popular television shows, both synonymous with pushing the limits of acceptability and extending the comedic boundaries of American television.

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