Loggins and Messina

They sure did look like 70's folk-rockers, with shaggy haircuts, sweater vests and one sweet beard. Not only did they embody the look of 70's soft-rock, but Loggins and Messina were one of the most successful duos of the 70's, and the union was formed quite by accident. They only began to collaborate in 1970 when Ex-Poco and Buffalo Springfield guitarist Jim Messina signed up to produce Kenny Loggins' solo album. Upon realizing their complementary style and mutual affection for soft pop rock, Loggins and Messina became a partnership and released their first album in 1972 called "Sittin' In," which was essentially Kenny Loggin's solo effort with Jim Messina sitting in on the session. The commercial and artistic success of this collaborative effort earned the duo top rankings, and from there they were off, recording seven more alums over the course of the next couple years, finally splitting up amicably in 1977 to pursue solo careers.

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