Kurt Cobain

The life of Kurt Cobain was short-lived, intense, wonderful, absurd, distraught, haunting and haunted. Starting his career as a member of Fecal Matter and forming the Stiff Woodies with his bassist buddy Kurt Novoselic, Cobain's band became Skid Row and then Nirvana by the late 1980s in an interesting and unlikely succession of names. Cobain's demons and affections, including wife Courtney Love and daughter Frances Bean, are well known, and his death is still pondered by the faithful. But it was Kurt's ultimate impact on modern rock music that tapped the pool of alienation with a ferocity that resulted in triple platinum sell-outs that secured his place in history. It's been over a decade since his death by alleged suicide, and his impact still reverberates across the airwaves.

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