k.d. lang

It's been an interesting journey from country sound and college radio popularity to one of Audi's eight 2003 winners of "Never Follow," an award given to cultural innovators, for Canadian k.d. lang. Possessed of vocal talent that ranges between croon, cry and electrify, lang parlayed her interest in a Patsy Cline tone and style [her first band was called the re-clines] to Nashville-friendly albums and a duet with Roy Orbison. Her music attracted the attention of rock critics too, and Ingenue in 1992 marked her semi-formal step into pop-rock, a move which serendipitously slipped her out of Nashville ahead of any disapprobation for her lifestyle announcement. In April, 2004, lang launched a symphony-backed 'Hymns of the 49th Parallel' tour on which she plans to make 47 North American appearances.

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