Jam Factory

At the dawn of the 1970s, the Columbia Records label was enjoying monumental commercial success from their signings of Blood, Sweat & Tears and Chicago Transit Authority, two North American bands that had integrated horn sections into a modern rock context. The widespread appeal and chart success of these groups led the label, and its partner label, Epic, to actively pursue other groups which were following a similar path, which led Epic to the horn infused rhythm and blues/funk sextet, Jam Factory.

Based out of Syracuse, NY, Jam Factory formed in 1968 and established their reputation as a popular regional band over the next few years. They eventually opened concerts for many high profile national and international acts, picking up fans along the way, many of them fellow musicians.

Epic released Jam Factory's debut album, Sittin' In The Trap, in 1970 and the band took to the road for the next several years performing on the same bill as many of the greatest groups of the era. They became friends with members of The Allman Brothers Band and soon relocated to Macon, becoming active within the thriving Southern Rock scene then revolving around the Allmans and the other talented artists involved with the fledgling Capricorn label.

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