Jackson Browne

The color best associated with Californian Jackson Browne isn't rainbow at all, but precious: gold. Golden voice, golden touch, gold albums and gold standard for style and content are all attributes acknowledged by fans and friends and eloquently described in Bruce Springsteen's heartfelt introduction at the artist's 2002 induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. There are too many standouts in Browne's recording career to choose just one great, history-making album. "Jackson Browne," "Late for the Sky," "The Pretender," "Lawyers in Love" and "I'm Alive" are just a few that capture the hearts, souls and minds of his listeners. Browne's music gives voice to feelings from both extremes of the spectrum, the clear and the dazed, the hot and the not, the loved and the lost, and speaks to, for or about every-man. His themes anticipate or reflect social and political issues with lyrics straightforward, serious, slyly humorous or philosophical, and his appeal as performer and paragon is 30-years strong. Browne's 2002 "The Naked Ride Home" was well received as was "The Very Best of..." released in 2004, and he remains busy on tour States-side and abroad.

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