J. Geils Band

If ever there was a mid-level band that appropriately summed up the 1970s rock and roll, it could be the J. Geils Band. Their sound was blues-rock reminiscent of the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart and Bob Seger, and the J. Geils band favored extensive touring, packing arenas across the States. Unfortunately, their studio efforts weren't able to effectively translate the live charisma they were known for. Formed in Boston in 1967, their early sound was R&B influenced, but when the 80's rolled around, they took on more of a polished, popular, MTV appeal, upon which their biggest single "Centerfold" was built. Frontman vocalist Peter Wolf left in 1983 when tensions grew too heavy in the middle of a recording session, and the following unsuccessful albums basically drove the band apart in 1985. A reunion show was staged in May 2006 for bassist Danny Klein's 60th birthday.

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