Humble Pie Handbill

Humble Pie Handbill
  • 1st Printing $57 $57 $0 Very Good

David Singer was a collage artist, but BG279 and BG280 represented his experimentation with freehand drawing. The experiment was clearly a success, and this swooping, linear sketch, Oriental in flavor, was striking. In this poster, a female, sun-reference figure topped a Samuri- style figure. The lettering of both posters recalled the birds of BG250. BG279 and BG280 should be viewed as complementary works of art, and both have become extremely valuable examples of the artist's product.

Print Variations

The handbill was printed once before the concert. It displays some significant color variation throughout the run, most noticeable in the ranging yellow to orange color. It presents a calendar of upcoming Bill Graham events on the reverse and measures 4 5/8" x 7".

There were also some pre-concert double-sized postcard mailers printed that were conjoined with the BG279 image (see BG279/280). They measure 9 1/4" x 7".

About David Singer

During his Fillmore era, from 1969-1971, Singer created more posters for Graham than any other artist. Singer's posters are notable for his use of collage, incorporating thousands of images clipped from magazines spanning several decades. He developed a format that included a stunning variety of lettering styles, applying them in close relation to the theme or subject of a poster.