In the manner of the Lennon Sisters, Jackson 5 and Osmonds, music history teaches that life can be a bit sweeter if one makes it a family affair, and a sugary concoction is exactly what Hanson brought to the table. The trio of Oklahoma-raised Hanson Brothers Isaac (guitarist), Taylor (lead vocalist and keyboardist) and Zac (drummer) ranged in age from 11 to 16 at the time of their debut and grew up singing R&B and Oldies classics around the dinner table. In 1995, Hanson's catchy pop tune "MMMBop" shocked the world with its undeniable appeal if not its undistinguished lyrics. Looking like the sort of guys parents wouldn't mind their daughters meeting at the drive-in, the squeaky clean bros mastered the art of teen pop. Still busy, 2004 saw the Hansons release Underneath, a post-puberty album that may actually delight fans who still listen to them.

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