Everly Brothers

As country-rock pioneers of the 1950's, the Everly Brothers are one of America's most well known duos, delivering sweet two-part harmonies laced with deep-rooted Appalachian influence. Don and Philip Everly were born in the late 1930's to Kentucky country musicians and were inducted into the music world at a young age performing with their parents. Their first single, "Bye Bye Love," reached number two on the charts in 1957, and prefaced the success the brothers were to find over the next couple of years. The Everly Brothers were responsible for old favorites like "Wake Up Little Susie" and "When Will I Be Loved" which ushered in a lovely poppy charm to the country genre. The 1960's brought with them change, as Don and Philip left their first label, Cadence, for the relatively unknown Warner Brothers Records, were drafted into the army, battled Don's near overdose of speed, and released their sophisticated album "Roots." In 1973, the brothers bitterly split up to pursue solo careers, but reunited in 1983 upon realizing their mutual reliance on one another.

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