Copperhead was a short-lived hard rock group led by John Cipollina, who played guitar for Quicksilver Messenger Service until leaving that band in 1970 following such classic discs as 1969's Happy Trails and their first, self-titled record from 1968. At first, Copperhead was a loose association of musicians centered around Cipollina, but eventually Copperhead tightened up into the four-piece lineup that recorded their sole, self-titled 1973 LP.

After this group, Cipollina continued to be active on the music scene, working with bands like Zero, Terry & the Pirates, and the Novato Frank Band, collaborating and touring with long-time friend Nick Gravenites on many projects, and releasing one solo LP in 1980, Raven. Cipollina passed away due to emphysema in 1989 after a few years of battling respiratory problems.

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