Bourgeois Tagg

Spearheaded by Brent Bourgeois and Larry Tagg, this west-coast based pop act made some great music that, unfortunately, was never heard by the record-buying masses. Bourgeois and Tagg met as youngsters in Dallas and began making music and writing together while still in high school. After attending college, in 1984 they moved to Sacramento, where they formed the Bourgeois Tagg band.

The band released a number of singles and MTV videos, but only one of these, "I Don't Mind At All," really saw any chart success. Still the band was right for the times, when the funky synth-pop by bands like Duran Duran, Mr. Mister, and the Power Station were at the top of the charts.

Eventually, Bourgeois swore off all drugs and alcohol, and became a Born Again Christian. Initially, his obsession with Christian themes was mostly subtle in the band's music. But tensions began to rise when he wanted to covert the act to, essentially, an all-Christian group.

While the band was helping Todd Rundgren record his comeback solo album, Nearly Human in 1990, Bourgeois decided to leave. The rest of the band decided to pack it in, and become Rundgren's back-up band on his 1990 world tour. Bourgeois landed a solo deal with Virgin Records' off-shoot label, Charisma. He did two albums there before being dropped for lack of sales.

By 1995, he decided to focus full time on his work as a Christian artist. Tagg and the other band members have continued as seasoned session and backing players.

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