Bob Seger

Bob Seger formed the Silver Bullet Band with Drew Abbott in 1974 and went on to sell millions of classic rock singles and albums in the U.S. From '76 to '82, Seger released no less than six, Top-10 platinum records in a row, two of which were live double albums. Seger's rise to stardom wasn't a cake walk; from his early days in a high school band to his first commercial breakthrough with Beautiful Loser in '75, Seger's path to success was bumpy with missed chances and a few left turns. Seger's gruff vocals and down-home rock stylings lead him to a string of hits including "Feel Like a Number," "Against the Wind," and "We've Got Tonight." With idols including Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell to learn from, Seger perfected the art of writing a classic tune, an American tradition he's repeated over and over in his heyday and in the 21st century as the working-man's rockstar. Seger was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.

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