Number One: the 182 is random, it does not refer to bad-language blips. Number Two: there have been reports that Blink-182 is maturing, moving beyond the punk-pop, aren't-we-clever-ness of Enema of the State. Always a trio, first with Tom Delonge, Mark Hoppus, and Scott Raynor and then with Travis Barker replacing the college-bound Raynor on drums, Blink-182 appeals to the MTV-generation with the added ingredient of actually playing good music. Touring has been an important part of the band's development, too; from their 1996-'97 Warped Tour appearance to their 2004 shows with SoCal compatriots No Doubt, multitudes join the fan-base. Blink-182's decade-long dance with growing up has been a tease, but the smitten are willing to indulge these not-so-bad boys for as long as it takes.

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