Billy Falcon

Billy Falcon (born Falcone), originated out of the New York suburb of Rosedale, and eventually caught the ears of a number of A&R men. A bidding war eventually landed him a deal on United Artists Records. Falcon generated a fair media buzz, but failed to sell any significant amount of records.

By the time the '80s hit, Falcon had moved to Nashville to develop his skill as a writer and to lean closer to country music. When Jon Bon Jovi went looking for him in the early 1990s, he landed a deal on Mercury Records. His solo albums still failed to sell in any great numbers but he gradually built a solid career as a songwriter. His material was cut by Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Trace Adkins, Cher, and Stevie Nicks. His relationship with Jon Bon Jovi also blossomed, and Falcon has since become involved in co-writing material on the last couple of Bon Jovi albums.

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