Al Green

It's just as much about the moments of intended vocal silence as it is in each vocal melody that makes Al Green's music carry the freakish realness it does. And he'd spend long hours, days, and months getting his songs to sound just so. From his childhood days in a gospel group with his brothers to preaching at his church in Memphis, Green has always displayed an enduring voice. His sensual subject matter and magnetic falsetto bred a charismatic performer with far-reaching influence. After signing with Hi Records in 1969, Green released his debut album "Green is Blues," which captured his signature sound of sexual savvy. His next two albums, "Al Green Gets Next To You" and "Let's Stay Together" established Green as a commercial and artistic success. Green recovered after an incident involving his ex-girlfriend and boiling hot grits that left his scarred and shaken. Not surprisingly, he turned to embraced gospel music, seeing the accident as a sign from the heavens. While he remains a vibrant force in secular music, it's gospel that really keepsGreen singing sweet. To date he is an ordained minister of a Memphis church. In 1995, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame..

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