Air Supply

Although they were marketed as a band, the other members of Air Supply were essentially backing players for Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock, who oversaw and controlled everything the band recorded and performed. The pair met in Sydney, when both men were in the Australian touring company of Jesus Christ Superstar, during 1976. When the musical's run ended, they took the core members of the pit orchestra and formed Air Supply.

Though they would see some initial success in Australia, it would be three years before they got a major break when Rod Stewart asked them to be his opening act while touring in the late 1970s. However, it was not until 1980, when Clive Davis signed the duo to his relatively new Arista label, that things started coming together for the band in America.

Lost In Love, the band's first album would go double platinum, and have a number of radio hits including "Lost In Love," "Every Woman In The World" and "All Out Of Love," which remains one of the most popular adult contemporary hits of all time. The band's second album, The One That You Love, released in 1982, would yield a #1 single with the title track. There were also two other major hits from that album, including "Here I Am, Just When I Thought I Was Over You." A third album in 1983 spawned three more hits, though their chart positions had begun to slip. It would be the last time the group saw this kind of charting success.

Air Supply remained until 1986. They reunited in 1991 and have remained together again since.

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