Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups was an all-female, San Francisco-based rock group that formed in 1967, right in time to be out rocking the venues by time time the Summer of Love rolled around. They never released any albums while they were together, but played frequent live shows in the Bay Area, notably gaining the admiration of Jimi Hendrix, who once plugged them in an interview. In 2003, a CD was released of late 1960s recordings, which captured their bluesy garage rock sound, gospel-tinged harmonies, and socially-aware lyricism. Original members drifted away in the '70s (and three men joined), but the group disbanded completely in 1972.

Before joining the Ace of Cups, Denise Kaufman, the primary singer and songwriter of the group (as well as ex-girlfriend of Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner), recorded a 45 rpm single called "Boy What'll You Do Then" on a tiny East Bay label coincidentally called Wee Records. Only one copy was made. The single was Number 1 on a list of rare garage/punk 45s until September 2006, when a second copy was found and offered for sale on eBay. The copy sold for $5,100, and one of the bidders even contacted the dealer and offered $10,000 for the record. Denise Kaufman doesn't own a copy. Today she is a Yoga instructor whose clients include Quincy Jones and Madonna.

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