Radio-ready yet laced with enough references to the cannibus culture, 311 helped concoct the modern day collegiate landscape at the onset of their career. Over a decade ago, their blending elements of rock, rap, punk, metal, and reggae, set off a slew of followers. A unit of lifelong friends from Omaha, Nebraska, 311 ruled the airwaves throughout the 1990s, and the quintet has remained forefathers of their form, continuously to release albums. To date, they've released 15 albums, from their early self-released discs, to the 1993 smash debut Music to 1995's self titled, which contained the hits "Down" and "All Mixed Up," to the double disc Transistor and on, the most recent being 2005's Don't Tread on Me.Their upbeat, driving live performances stand in a unique contrast to their melodious, genre-dodging appeal. It seems 311 are group who may still have a few surprises up their sleeve.

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