Say Anything / Matt Pryor Vinyl 12"

Say Anything / Matt Pryor Vinyl 12"
  • Say Anything / Matt Pryor Vinyl 12"
The 23nd installment in the limited-run Daytrotter Presents vinyl series, this 180-gram, split 12-inch vinyl features the great Say Anything and Matt Pryor, leader of The Get Up Kids and emotive songsmith from Kansas. For lead singer Max Bemis and Say Anything, there's no other way to see things but to see them at their most flammable. It's either fiery or it's nothing. It burns to a million degrees or it's an ice-cold lake. It's hang-wringing and brow-beating or it's not worth the effort. It's a wild and out-of-control wildfire or it's a yawn. The love stories that Matt Pryor chooses to write all come with their hitches. They come with their problems, many of which present themselves like icebergs, poking just above the surface of the water, but existing as the dreaded tips that will stop at nothing to be fully exposed eventually, to bust defiantly into hulls and guts. Get these while you can. Quantities will be limited. Thanks for the support and enjoy!
Say Anything (Side A)
1. Burn A Miracle
2. Belt
3. Say Anything
4. Walk Through Hell
Matt Pryor (Side B)
1. Polish The Broken Glass
2. Dear Lover
3. Hover Near Flame
4. If I Wear A Disguise