Daytrotter Vinyl Series No. 7 - Barnstormer Vinyl 12"

Daytrotter Vinyl Series No. 7 - Barnstormer Vinyl 12"
This limited edition, 12-inch vinyl is a collection of just a few choice moments from the five Barnstormer tours that we've taken to old barns in tiny locales all over the Midwest and East Coast. These intimate and highly charged shows are some of the best live performances anyone who was lucky enough to be in these barns - in places like Maquoketa, Iowa, Monticello, Illinois, Dexter, Michigan or Burlington, Vermont - will ever likely see. They happened in extreme heat, extreme cold, one damned hurricane and still, the magic of the music in these idyllic rural settings cannot be bested. This is the first volume of a Barnstormer series of releases that we plan to grow. Don't miss out.
Included on this volume are one-of-a-kind recordings from Sondre Lerche, Guards, Wild Cub, Princeton, We Are Augustines, Wildlife, Madi Diaz and Mike and The Moonpies. Thank you for the support, and enjoy! -Mr. Daytrotter
In no particular tracking order:
Mike and the Moonpies - The Hard Way
We Are Augustines - Headlong
Wild Cub - Thunder Clatter
Madi Diaz - Every Time I Reach Out
Princeton - To The Alps
Sondre Lerche - Private Caller
Wildlife - Sea Dreamer
Guards - I See It Coming