Dawes / Justin Townes Earle Vinyl 12"

Dawes / Justin Townes Earle Vinyl 12"
  • Dawes / Justin Townes Earle Vinyl 12"
The third record in the Daytrotter Vinyl Series features two of Daytrotter's oldest friends - Dawes and Justin Townes Earle. They've returned numerous times for additional memorable session performances and they've even come out on the road to play Daytrotter Barnstormers.
The Dawes side of the split will showcase the band's latest session, recorded at Asheville's Echo Mountain Studio, where the band is currently recording their follow-up to their incredibly spirited sophomore album, "Nothing Is Wrong." Earle, one of the preeminent young talents in the world, presents five songs from across his two Daytrotter session recordings on Side B. All nine songs are stunners and it's about time they were pressed into wax and made available for vinyl shelves everywhere.
Dawes (Side A)
1. Coming Back To A Man
2. So Well
3. Rest Easy
4. The Way You Laugh
Justin Townes Earle (Side B)
1. They Killed John Henry
2. Ain't Waitin'
3. Mama's Eyes
4. Can't Hardly Wait
5. Lone Pine Hill