Dale Watson / Charlie Parr Vinyl 12"

Dale Watson / Charlie Parr Vinyl 12"
  • Dale Watson / Charlie Parr Vinyl 12"
The 20th installment in the limited-run Daytrotter Presents vinyl series, this 180-gram, split 12-inch vinyl features America's premier trucking man Dale Watson and one of the country's finest living songwriters, Minnesota's Charlie Parr. Watson chronicles the hunt for a honky tonk for a nightcap (if possible), the more engrossing hunt for fine looking ladies (or girlie magazines if that's the closest they can get) and something to fill their bellies. He turns these activities into countless different stories - singing of the joys of a truck stop break that yields another Coca-Cola and a tape of Ray Price's golden oldies, which provides him with enough company to keep moving on down the road. Parr is a man who appreciates failures even more than he appreciates successes. A person can learn so much more from those failures - and the more dramatic they are, the better. The people that he writes about have been burned so many times that they can never separate that smell of hot flesh from their nostrils. They feel like the burnings might not even be over, just continuing on, one rolling slip-up. The songs on his side of the record are monuments to these men. Get these while you can. Quantities will be limited. Thanks for the support and enjoy!
Dale Watson (Side A)
1. I'll Show Ya
2. Tequila, Whiskey and Beer
3. Who Needs This Man?
4. Mamas Don't Let Your Cowboys Grow Up To Be Babies
Charlie Parr (Side B)
1. Motorcycle Blues
2. Temperance River Blues
3. True Friends
4. My Wife Left Me