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Norman Orr worked his interests and causes, the plight of the Native American being one of them, into several of his posters. That interest was clear on this large triptych advertising two Fillmore West concerts. The Indian, presenting a broken arrow with his left hand held in the universal symbol for "get lost", was flanked by panels announcing Sha-Na-Na and Love in separate concerts. The birds aside the central figure were a play on the artist's personal motif of two birds guarding or protecting the main collage.

About Norman Orr

Barely out of high school when the psychedelic scene rocked San Francisco, Orr aspired to become a Fillmore poster artist. Hired in 1970 by Bill Graham's art director, Pat Hanks, many of his first posters featured detailed lettering on rich colorways and reflected the influence of artists Kelly, Mouse and Griffin. Orr's style evolved to include designs featuring female nudes and photographs combined with complex lettering and backgrounds. His posters are compelling artwork, a mixture of pure public relations and religious or political themes done in jewel-like tones.