Bill Graham Presents: My Life Inside Rock and Out Pelon
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More than an intimate portrait of Bill Graham, My Life Inside Rock and Out chronicles the birth and growing pains of the late twentieth century concert impresario. Told through a hundred voices including friends, musicians, employees, agents and Bill Graham himself, the unique personalities, politics, pressures and pleasures of the era come to life. A peripatetic and passionate man, Bill Graham's story is told through the unvarnished comments, recollections and observations of his contemporaries and, in the telling, the history of rock as a musical phenomenon and social force unfolds.
Our Pelons are extremely rare "practice pieces" for the early rock, jazz and blues t-shirt designs. Before production was initiated, the image or design was tested on cotton cloth or burlap to determine the color and line accuracy of the piece. Only a few of the tests were preserved once the design was deemed acceptable and the t-shirt went into production.
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