Turn your living room into a concert hall with Wolfgang's Music & Sonos.

We've partnered with Sonos, the award-winning wireless multi-room music system, so you can listen to all your favorite concerts and sessions, all over the house. No crowds.

Set up Sonos in the living room, the bedroom - or better yet, both - and control it all from your phone or tablet with a free app. Add your existing Wolfgang's Music account to Sonos and play concerts from the comfort of your couch. Plus, with Sonos you'll have instant access to your personal music library, Internet radio and select music services. Just pick a room, pick a song and touch play.

Sonos owners - become a Wolfgang's Music member!

It's only $39/year. Sign up today and listen to Wolfgang's Music on your Sonos system now! After you sign up, add your Wolfgang's Music account to Sonos from the featured music services panel, and let the sessions begin.

Wolfgang's Music Members - if you don't have a Sonos, get one today!

There's no better way to enjoy your membership!
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