The Mothers of Invention Poster

The Mothers of Invention Poster
John H. Myers alluded to the recent appearance of photography in poster art with his stylized adaptation of The Mothers' portrait. In a nod to the needs of the synagogue located next door to the Fillmore, Bill Graham made an arrangement to move his concerts to the Scottish Rites Temple on High Holy Days. For this and all concerts conflicting with the Holy Days, Graham had two trucks ready to shuttle patrons to the right hall.
Print Variations
The 1st printing has union logo 221 in the lower left corner and is printed on rough plain stock. This printing pre-dates the concert and measures 13 15/16" x 20".
The 1st printing A (see BG027-A) has all the same characteristics as the 1st printing, except it excludes the orange background. Instead, the poster has purple ink printed onto a white background. It was also printed before the concert and measures 13 15/16" x 20".
The 2nd printing was printed after the concert on vellum with very dark purple lettering. Union logo 221 is missing and the poster measures 13 11/16" x 19 15/16".
The post-concert 3rd printing does not bear the union logo, the ink is more blue than purple, the ticket outlet information appears more green, and the white border is brighter than in the 2nd printing. 3rd printing A measures 14 3/8" x 20 3/8".
3rd printing B is smaller, measuring 13 3/4" x 19 3/4".
The 4th printing is on #80 matte cover stock and has "W 2021" in the lower right-hand margin. It was printed in 2021 by Wolfgang's in a 100 copy run. This reprint measures 14" x 20".