The Cramps Proof
  • The Cramps Proof
The Cramps and Mermen were early surfer-music bands, although their range was much wider, and they were joined by Pearly Gates, an original member of the defunct band Pearl Harbor & the Explosions, performing as Pearl Harbor for the 1994 New Year's concert at the Fillmore. The vibrant, almost glossy poster was not untypical of artist/collagist Rex Ray's work.
About Rex Ray
A San Francisco native, Rex Ray is an acclaimed graphic artist whose visual works include paintings, collages, prints and photographs. Ray holds a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, and his recent work employs 1950s-styled organic shapes inspired by Pucci designs. His posters are characterized by intense, jewel-like colors, and their stylistic variety reflect his ability to adapt lettering, sly symbolism, portrait art and free-hand drawing to unique artists and music. Ray has designed album and CD covers for David Bowie and The Drown and has shown his work in solo and group exhibitions in California, Washington, Colorado and London.