The Charlatans Poster

The Charlatans Poster
Print Variations
The 1st printing poster is characterized by its paper stock. When placed under black light, the reverse of the poster reflects a mild white floresence, which matches the back of the postcards. It has a grayish/brown center photograph, and the blue border to the photograph is lighter in color. This pre-concert printing measures 14" x 20".
The 2nd printing has a brown/sepia photograph, and the blue border is a bit darker. When placed under black light, the back of the 2nd printings turn purple/gray. It does not contain the fine red scratches the 3rd printing contains. It was printed after the concert and measures 14" x 20".
The 3rd printing presents a rich brown photograph, and there are fine red scratches about 3/4" below and to the right of the photograph. Under black light, this poster does not glow (similar to the 2nd printing) and turns purple/gray. This poster was printed after the concert and measures 14" x 20".
About Rick Griffin
Rick Griffin grew up in the surfing culture of Southern California, a milieu which had a profound influence on his art. After high school, he worked on the staff of Surfer magazine and created the best-known surfing cartoon character of the time, Murphy. After his move to San Francisco in 1967, be began combining eclectic typefaces and decorative borders with brilliant colors in his concert posters. Griffin's compositions were complex without being illegible. A perfectionist, Griffin often applied dozens of overlays and redrew lettering again and again until he was satisfied. In the early 1970s, Griffin became a born-again Christian and religious themes dominated his work until his death in a motorcycle accident in 1991.