The Allman Brothers Band Handbill
  • The Allman Brothers Band Handbill
Orr tipped his hat to Griffin, Mouse and Kelley for inspiration in BG267. The Allman brothers were gaining a following, and Orr, who hadn't seen the band and passed on this concert, was given a photograph of Duane Allman for this sketch. Orr was astounded that concert posters provided an opportunity to draw female frontal nudity without suffering public disapproval.
Print Variations
The handbill was only printed once before the concert and presents a calendar of upcoming Bill Graham events on the reverse. It measures 4 11/16" x 7".
There were also some pre-concert double-sized postcard mailers printed that were conjoined with the BG269 image (see BG268/269). They measure 7" x 9 1/4".
About Norman Orr
Barely out of high school when the psychedelic scene rocked San Francisco, Orr aspired to become a Fillmore poster artist. Hired in 1970 by Bill Graham's art director, Pat Hanks, many of his first posters featured detailed lettering on rich colorways and reflected the influence of artists Kelly, Mouse and Griffin. Orr's style evolved to include designs featuring female nudes and photographs combined with complex lettering and backgrounds. His posters are compelling artwork, a mixture of pure public relations and religious or political themes done in jewel-like tones.