Steve Miller Band Poster

Steve Miller Band Poster
Randy Tuten, a fan of the Steve Miller Band, thought of this concert as a cruise through musical history and gave the poster a dream-like quality. The ship sailed gently into the sunset, and a mermaid bade it both a fond farewell and safe return, expressing the musical reverie of the New Year's Eve concert with Steve Miller and guitarist Joe Satriani. This Bill Graham Presents poster image was the first that Tuten designed after Bill's death.
About Randy Tuten
Randy Tuten is the only poster artist whose work spans five decades of design for The Fillmore. The 23 year-old San Francisco native was hired by Bill Graham in January, 1969, and their mutual taste for traditional, readable design style led to a long-lasting work relationship. Although influenced by the compositions of "Fillmore Five" artists Mouse, Kelley and Griffin, Tuten avoided "... Heavy meaning in my posters." Tuten's style reflected his skill as a draftsman, and his designs evolved into an eclectic mix of graphic imagery, lettering and photographs.