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BG273/274 was the last of Norman Orr's 11 posters for Bill Graham. A double-sized, two concert advertisement, it featured many of Orr's favorite references and centered on a nude portrait of the artist's wife.

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Print Variations

The oversized poster was only printed once before the concert. It measures 21 7/8" x 28".

About Norman Orr

Barely out of high school when the psychedelic scene rocked San Francisco, Orr aspired to become a Fillmore poster artist. Hired in 1970 by Bill Graham's art director, Pat Hanks, many of his first posters featured detailed lettering on rich colorways and reflected the influence of artists Kelly, Mouse and Griffin. Orr's style evolved to include designs featuring female nudes and photographs combined with complex lettering and backgrounds. His posters are compelling artwork, a mixture of pure public relations and religious or political themes done in jewel-like tones.