Pink Floyd Poster

Pink Floyd Poster
Renowned poster artist Randy Tuten used the famous flying pig as the subject of this oversized advertisement for Pink Floyd's Bay Area appearances in support of their album Animals. As boldly experimental as ever, the art rock maestros were also breaking attendance records as their popularity soared. In a subtle play on air travel posters of the 1950s, the pig balloon floats ominously above the fog, making its way towards the Golden Gate Bridge in this classic image that any Floyd fanatic would be proud to display.
Print Variations
The 1st printing poster was printed before the concert on glossy cover stock and measures 19 5/8" x 27 3/4".
The 2nd printing is on glossy cover stock and bears a Wolfgang's Vault notation in the lower right hand margin. It was printed in 2006 by the Bill Graham Archives LLC in a 1000 copy run and is slightly larger than the 1st printing, measuring 22 1/2" x 32 1/2".
The 3rd Printing was printed on glossy stock and bears a Wolfgang's notation in the lower right-hand margin. It was printed in 2018 by Wolfgang's in a 500 copy run. It measures 21 1/2" x 32".
The 4th printing is on coated matte stock and has "W 2020" in the lower right hand margin. It was printed in 2020 by Wolfgang's in a 500 copy run. This reprint measures 14" x 22".
About Randy Tuten
Randy Tuten is the only poster artist whose work spans five decades of design for The Fillmore. The 23 year-old San Francisco native was hired by Bill Graham in January, 1969, and their mutual taste for traditional, readable design style led to a long-lasting work relationship. Although influenced by the compositions of "Fillmore Five" artists Mouse, Kelley and Griffin, Tuten avoided "... Heavy meaning in my posters." Tuten's style reflected his skill as a draftsman, and his designs evolved into an eclectic mix of graphic imagery, lettering and photographs.